What to Wear

Bitty Ballet: Ballet shoes, Leotard, tights (skirt, shorts, leggings optional)

Creative Movement: Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes, Leotard, tights (skirt, shorts, leggings optional). *Transition tights recommended if combined with tot tumbling*

Beginner Dance/Adv Beginner Dance: ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotard, tights (skirt, shorts, leggings, jazz shoes optional)

Intermediate Dance: ballet shoes, leotard, tights (skirt, shorts, leggings optional)

Hip hop: athletic wear or dance wear. Clean sneakers

Tumbling: Gymnastics leotard or tight fitting athletic wear. No outside shoes. Clean cheer shoes okay. No Jewelry

Male dancers should wear close fitting clothes like dance shorts, jazz pants and fitted t-shirts.

**Hair must be tied back and secured!

Team apparel will be determined by instructors. You will be notified of those requirements as needed. Always consult with your instructor before purchasing items not specified.